(501 PIRA)


501 PIRA Constitution
Eugene Amburgey
Currahee --- 1943

History of 501 PIRA

Many years ago Frank A. Styler "Sully", Regimental Headquarters Company Communications Platoon of 501 PIR, established the GERONIMO NEWSLETTER to communicate with the veterans of 501 PIR who had served together during World War II.  In the early seventies Eugene Amburgey volunteered to assist Styler by publishing the Geronimo Newsletter for him.

Soon Eugene recognized the need for a constitution for the organization. Therefore in 1977 the 501 PIRA was named and the constitution was ratified in Houston, Texas on March 10, 1977 with Eugene Amburgey as president and Glenna C. Amburgey as vice president. The 501 PIRA is an acronym for 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment Association.  It was formed to preserve a measure of fraternity between the 501 PIR veterans who served together in 501 PIR during WWII.

After 13 years of writing the GERONIMO NEWSLETTER, Frank A. Styler died on December 6, 1984.  The responsibility for the newsletter fell to Eugene.

The late James S Wells started talking to Eugene about having a 501 PIRA reunion.  The first reunion was in Toccoa, GA August 1976.  The 30th reunion will be in Springfield, MO on June 1-5, 2005.

January 21, 1991 Eugene Amburgey died.  For a while the 501 PIRA Geronimo Newsletter was published by one of the 501 PIR veterans.  When this did not work out, Glenna and Valeria Amburgey decided to carry on the tradition in memory of Eugene Amburgey, a loving husband and father. 

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