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The 501 PIRA is an acronym for 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment Association. The name of the association will be written in upper case letters (capital letters) and numbers of equal size. The pronunciation will be 5-0-1 P I R A with each number or letter being pronounced as a separate word. The '0' in the number 501 will be pronounced as the letter 'O' instead of the number zero.


The 501 PIRA has been formed to preserve a measure of fraternity between this group of veterans that served together during World War II. Through this publication of a Newsletter and a Directory of names, we will maintain communications with the living veterans of the 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment of WW II fame.

Through this communication we are dedicated to clarifying and perpetuating the history of the brief moment in time to which this group was privileged to have served. We will serve as custodians for a repository of information about comrades both living and dead and will encourage the collection of memories to add a degree of subjectivity to the recorded history of World War II.

This organization will defend, with all its vigor and ability, the freedoms as stated in the Constitution of the United States of America.  The name of this Association will never be used to support any denominational or partisan effort, but will encourage its members, on an individual basis, to actively participate in their own selection of political, social, economic and religious endeavors.

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MEMBERSHIP: Any veteran who served with the 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment during WW II between November, 1942 and November, 1945 is eligible for membership and will be recognized as a member in good standing simply by keeping the President of the Association informed of his current mailing address and expressing in writing a desire to be a member.

SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP: A member may become a Supporting Member when he places $501 (five hundred and one dollars) in trust with the President or Secretary to be kept as an endowment to be returned without interest to the estate of the benefactor upon his death or upon the dissolution of the 501 PIRA.  The Supporting Member may request and receive a return of principal on or after June 6, 1994.  No interest will be paid to the Supporting Member for the use of this money.  Any interest received upon the investment of the money will be used to support the activities of the 501 PIRA.  The endowment money may not exceed that amount covered by Federal Deposit or Savings and Loan Insurance, and all moneys received from Supporting Members as membership qualification will promptly be deposited in an institution covered by the above mentioned insurance.

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OFFICERS:  The Supporting Members will constitute the BOARD OF GOVERNORS and will be the only voting members, except in matters related to social functions as discussed later in Article IV.  The Board of Governors will be poled once every two years by proxy and in person to select a President, Vice President and Secretary.  At least 1/2 of all the supporting members must respond by written proxy or be present to constitute a quorum. 

THE PRESIDENT will be in charge of all finances, publications, administration and disbursement of funds.

THE VICE PRESIDENT will be the acting President in case of death or incapacitation of the President.  The Vice President will be an authorized signature on all bank accounts of the Association.  The Vice President will assist the President in the administration of the Association.

THE SECRETARY will serve at the discretion of the President in keeping such records as are necessary for fraternal communications.  The Secretary will also keep a current record of all Supporting Members and will notify them quarterly of the status of the Supporting money on deposit.  The report will include the names of the bank or savings and loan association, the account number and all transactions that have transpired since the last report.

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DISSOLUTION: The Board of Governors may vote to dissolve the Association by three -fourths of the Supporting Members present (or voting by proxy) voting in the affirmative for a motion of dissolution. Prior to the vote it is required that the motion must have been published and distributed to all the members at least three months before the meeting of the Board of Governors.  In addition to the general membership notification, each Supporting Member will be notified by 1st class mail or by phone.  A motion for dissolution can be made by a petition signed by 10% of the Supporting Members and presented to the President, Vice President or Secretary.

Upon dissolution, all money donated for the endowment will be withdrawn from the Bank or Savings and Loan and returned to the Supporting Member.  All operating funds in the checking accounts will be sent, within one month, to the 101st Airborne Division Association (a non profit veterans organization).  If the members vote to reinstate this constitution with new Supporting Members within two weeks after the vote to dissolve the Association may continue with the operating capital in tact.

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RATIFICATION and AMENDMENTS:  The constitution was ratified in Houston, Texas on March 10, 1977.  This constitution may be amended by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Supporting Members.  The vote will be by written ballot after the wording of the amendment has been published in the Association's official publication one month before, but not more than three months before the official poll is taken.

Rules of conduct and stated preference about the annual reunions are to be voted on at the business meeting to be held during the annual reunion.  All members and members wives who are present will be permitted one vote each and a simple majority will prevail.

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